Dani Jones is an artist and writer. She is the author and illustrator of the children’s book MONSTERS VS. KITTENS and creator of the comic MY SISTER THE FREAK. She is also the author of the book IPAD FOR ARTISTS, an instructional book about drawing and painting on the iPad. Read my full bio here.
Monsters Vs. Kittens by Dani Jones
Check out my picture book, Monsters Vs. Kittens (published by Stan Lee’s Kids Universe).
My Sister the Freak Volume 1 by Dani Jones http://danidraws.com
Read my comic, My Sister the Freak, a story about two sisters as they battle life, family, and alien invaders.
iPad for Artists cover
Buy my book iPad for Artists, an instructional book about drawing on the iPad.

I am open to freelance illustration work. Contact me for availability. See my full portfolio here.

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Contact: dani@danijones.com (603) 499-1183 More info