The Little Women Graphic Novel Project

By Dani Jones • Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott •

An effort to adapt the classic story Little Women as a comic.

Latest pages and process artwork are posted on my Patreon blog as I make them. New chapters are posted here once they are completed.

Chapter 1 “A Merry Christmas”

Chapter 2 “The Laurence Boy”

Chapter 3 “Beth Finds the Palace Beautiful”

Chapter 4 “Amy’s Valley of Humiliation”

Chapter 5 “Jo Meets Apollyon”


Little Women is a classic novel by Louisa May Alcott about four sisters who lived during the American Civil War era. The story deals with themes like family, friendship, sisterhood, sickness, growing up, feminism, and love, and is overall just a great story featuring four unique and strong characters that I adore. It is my favorite book, and I thought it would make a really swell comic.

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Little Women by Dani Jones Little Women by Dani Jones Little Women by Dani Jones Little Women by Dani Jones

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